Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "PP" or "Policy") describes the privacy policy of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "EskortSweden", "site", "website") in connection with the activity of users (hereinafter referred as to "users" or "utilizers") on this site.

The utilizer may be referred to as "he", "she", "them", "they", "you". The administration of the EskortSweden may be referred to as "administration", "we", "us" and utilizers together with the administration may be referred to as "sides" or "parties".

The term "information" in this document is referred to as "records". This PP is designed to describe actions with the privacy of utilizers and collecting their data that the site undertakes.

By using the Eskortsweden or registering on it, you fully and irrevocably agree with this PP. If you do not accept PP – do not utilize the website or if you"re using it already, immediately stop using it and exit it.

  • 1. Anonymous admittance.
    It is possible to visit the site anonymously, without disclosing your personality or any data about you at all.

  • 2. Age restriction. This site is age-restricted. You cannot utilize it until you are of the age of 18 or another age according to the requirements of your jurisdiction.

  • 3. Adult content.
    The Eskortsweden has adult content on it, including videos, audios, pictures, and texts about sex, nudity, and prostitution. If you aren"t allowed to utilize this site in your jurisdiction, faith, believes, or in your age or due to any other reason due to its content, do not utilize it and immediately leave it. If any law infringement happens because you utilize it in your jurisdiction or in your age, it is solely your responsibility and risks.

  • 4. Collecting personal records of utilizers.
    The Eskortsweden collects some personal records of its utilizers – but only with your knowledge and with your consent. The collected records may include your name or any part of it, your age, location, gender, personal preferences, e-mail address, telephone number, social accounts, messengers accounts. These records may be utilized by us to render admittance to you to this site, to answer your questions, letters, and suggestions, to make the provision of admittance to this website better for you, more personalized and more convenient.

  • 5. Collecting non-personal records of utilizers.
    We may also collect any other data and records that we need in order to render services of the Eskortsweden to its utilizers, including technical records. This may include your geolocation, IP address, records about the device you"re using to admittance the site (like screen resolution, model, OS version, installed programs, geotags) and the details of your browsing on our website or our affiliates.

  • 6. Using the collected information.
    We may or may not utilize the collected records for the purposes of normal rendering the services of the website, their improvement, gathering statistics about visits and granting any other working functionality connected to the Eskortsweden, including making it possible to communicate with utilizers, solve their problems and answer questions.

  • 7. Information disclosure to third sides.
    We can disclose records to third sides only in cases if those sides are our official contractors and they should utilize a part of collected records to perform their contractual duties. Also, we may give the collected records or its part to any public or governmental agencies or bodies, which have the legal right to request it from us, including for the purposes of legal investigation, according to the demands of applicable law. We are using the collected records only within applicable laws to render the services of the site within the existing legal field, protecting and defending the collected records according to the applicable best standards of records collection, storing, protection and defense.

  • 8. Your admittance to the personal information we may hold.
    At any time, you can ask us any records we may hold about you. We undertake to respond to you as promptly as possible (no longer than 30 working days) and grant you all the records we have on you, in a readable format. You can ask us to alter, erase, or amend any records that we are having on you and we are obliged to do it as soon as possible (but no longer than in 30 working days). If you request so, we may ask from you a copy of your identification documents to make sure you have the legal right to request admittance to, change, modify, or delete the existing records. Not receiving such a document from you can result in denial of granting you admittance to such records.

  • 9. Information security.
    In order to keep all collected records secure and away from unauthorized admittance or unauthorized sides, we implement the best field standards of records security.

  • 10. Advertising and interactive possibilities.
    The Eskortsweden has a possibility to show advertising to its utilizers and offers interactive opportunities to make it possible for utilizers of the website to communicate with one another. Make sure that you understand that if you post any records about you on the site (including a personal one), other utilizers may have admittance to it, collect it and disclose to other utilizers.

  • 11. Links.
    The Eskortsweden contains links to other websites on the web. We have no control over what is placed on other websites, what are their policies and terms, so when you click those links, you are leaving the site at your own discretion and risk.

  • 12. Support.
    If you have any questions regarding the PP or the functionality of the Eskortsweden, you can ask it by using the feedback form located on the site.

  • 13. Your consent.
    By using this site with or without registration, you give us the full and irrevocable consent to collect, process, store, modify, duplicate, rewrite, generalize, divide and monitor your data, including private one, in accordance with this PP.

  • 14. We reserve the right to change or modify this PP at any time, without any notice (further or prior) given to anybody, at our discretion, due to any considerations we have. If you continue using the Eskortsweden after the PP is modified, it means that you fully and irrevocably agree with the current version of the PP.

The date of the last update: February 19th, 2020.